Economic activity continued to increase at a modest to moderate pace, according to the Federal Reserve Board’s latest report on regional economies (known as the “beige book”). Employment growth increased modestly to moderately, but tight labor markets were widespread. Employers had difficulty finding qualified workers across skill levels. Wage growth was modest or moderate, with increases most notable for hard-to-fill professional, technical, and production positions.
Currently, we are experiencing an increase in economic activity and a tight labor market. I have found that when the economy is good, it is challenging to find the outstanding talent or job seekers. I invest countless hours searching for highly qualified candidates with specific technical skill sets. As mentioned above, employers had difficulty finding qualified workers across skill levels. Double M Resources, LLC is prepared to help your company with analytical and information technology hiring needs! Email Mindy Marty at:

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November 30, 2017
Fed: Economic Growth Continued; Staffing Demand Mixed