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Working and Parenting COVID 19

Parenting and working have been a struggle for me for the past 14 years.  Fortunately, I have been working from home for 12 years.  I am able to work flexible hours.  For instance, I work after business hours during the week and weekends.  I search for qualified job seekers any time of day or night.  As a I write, it is 7:10 PM.

Our school district has completed five weeks of distance learning during COVID 19.  I am facing new challenges.  Completing recruiting tasks  while our boys have school assignments at home creates an entirely new level of stress!  I have found that time management is a key point.  My son’s teacher presents a task list for his assignments.  I have found this concept to be useful.  I am writing lists for myself in terms of recruiting.

I believe that the COVID 19 crisis will motivate employers to consider remote work and flexible schedules.

How are you managing to complete work while helping your children with distance learning at home?  What are ideas that you have as parents to cope with the summer when school is no longer in session and our kids are home?

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